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"A Moment Together" Archival Print

"A Moment Together" Archival Print

Archival print reproduction of "A Moment Together" Acrylic on Canvas, 2019.

10 x 20" with added 1/2" white margins. Limited edition of 50, hand signed by the artist.


Item description:

"Two young apes look out over a desert canyon as they sit on the edge of a cliff. A fire slowly burns in a nearby cave. From the smoke rises an ancient creature, once an inhabitant of this land, when water covered the earth. Rain begins to fall over the desolate landscape. The whale creature swoops upward in a flash of light and swims into the cosmos, to the surface of the aether."


Archival prints are created using pigment-based archival inks which creates an image that when properly showcased will not deteriorate or fade for over 100 years. 

Matte prints are created using high quality matte stock.

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